CNC - 4228 fully automatic glass cutting machine

CNC - 4228 fully automatic glass cutting machine
Basic principle Its working principle is, it will be cut glass by the conveyor belt to the workbench, the glass position the positioning of the first machine is good, with a diamond knife wheel cutting head on process control to move along the X axis and Y, respectively, for cutting substrates. Machine control part adopts CNC motion control card, driving part of the application of advanced ac servo motor.
Mechanical parameter:

The biggest cut glass size: 4200 x 2800 mm

Cut the glass thickness range: 3 ~ 19 mm;

Cutting precision glass straight line: + / - 0.20

Cutting glass abnormity accuracy: + / - 0.25;

Glass cutting speed: 0-160 - m/min.

Product detail diagram

  • CNC - 4228 fully automatic glass cutting machine
  • CNC - 4228 fully automatic glass cutting machine
  • CNC - 4228 fully automatic glass cutting machine

Scope of application

1.The equipment of institutions
Automatic cutting machine: the chassis mechanism, beams, glass processing desktop, mechanism of the cutting tools, transmission organization, mechanical positioning mechanism, electrical control system.

2.The detailed working steps
Please refer to the automatic cutting machine in detail steps: "automatic glass cutting machine operation instruction handbook".

3.Equipment performance
1) chassis material selection profile bridge steel manganese content in the national standard (Q345A) welding molding and after aging treatment, such good comprehensive mechanical properties of steel, plastic and good welding performance. Surface with special cleaning process to remove surface pitting and table oxide layer, the underlying senior spray epoxy primer, surface spraying, senior automotive paint;
2) equipment through professional structural analysis software, ensure that the stability of the machine, dynamic balance, mechanical strength to achieve the perfect coordination, and ensure the table structure deformation;
3) devices have a key reset function, simply click on the touch screen can finish automatically all the preparation work before starting, large Improve the work efficiency;
4) the whole cable, trachea layout is reasonable, completely sealed;
5) on cutting oil way: with double oil (divided into general cutting oil and advanced cutting oil), and air filter device, ensure that the use of cutting oil cleaning, cutting oil automatically, and the knife synchronization (both cutting oil can also note, mainly is the true of TCO, low-e glass etc.);
6) guide only with high-speed mute linear guide rail, cutting high accuracy, low noise;
7) the use of advanced Japan yaskawa portions of the servo motor, make the equipment reliable performance, small error, high efficiency;
8) cutting operation in Japan SMC proportional electromagnetic valve, according to the glass thickness automatically adjust the pressure, rotate 360 degrees of the cutting tools, top and bottom cushion under the knife cutting (can be accurate cutting any straight lines and various special-shaped glass), crawl cutting head is equipped with wheel, effectively prevent the assembly of the cutting tools and glass of accidental damage;
9) segment containing the knife protection function, if the head of the gap on the outside of the glass or glass, program automatically stop, effectively prevent the damage to the parts and glass;
10) conveyer, synchronous automatic transmission device, convenient for glass and transmission;
11) positioning device, photoelectric scanning positioning system with mechanical positioning and;
12) compensation function, cutter eccentricity compensation, clearance compensation, pitch compensation.

Technical index

Mechanical configuration
1), main bearing, NSK (Japan);
2), guide rail, HIWIN (Taiwan);
3), gear and rack / : GUDEL (Switzerland);/ATLANTA(Germany)
4), knife wheel/tool holder: Germany bole (Germany);
5), mesa: imported industrial felt (black);
6), bedplate: special waterproof board.

 Electric configuration
1), power supply voltage: DEPENDS ON CUSTOMER’S REQUEST
2), air pressure: 06to 0.8 Mpa; Provided (use);
3), servo system: Yaskawa servo motor (Japan);
4), frequency converter :(Delta Taiwan);
5), transmission reducer: Thunis (China);
6), Planetary reducer : Thunis (China)
7), proportional valve, SMC (Japan);
8), the electromagnetic valve: Airtac(taiwan);
9), motion control system and optimization software: Optima (Italy)
10),intermediate relay: Schneider (France);
11), ac contactor, Schneider (France).
12), motor circuit breakers: Schneider (France);
13) Circuit breaker: Schneider (France)
14) proximity switch: Coron(Taiwan)

Technical parameters;
1), the biggest cut glass size: 4200 x 2800 mm
2), cut the glass thickness range: 3 ~ 19 mm;
3), cutting precision glass straight line: + / - 0.20
4), cutting glass abnormity accuracy: + / - 0.25;
5), glass cutting speed: 0-160 - m/min.
6), glass conveying speed: 0 to 23m/min.
7), equipment installation dimensions:4800 * 3200 * 1500 mm (length * width * height);
8), the equipment working height: 900 mm + 20 mm;
9), equipment, weight: 2600 kg;
10), equipment total power: 3-6KW.

The software part;
1), form a complete set of professional cutting system and cutting optimization software;optima
2), the motion control system and optimization software for Italy (OPtima);
3), parameter adjustment is simple, operators need to modify the parameters of the less, simple and intuitive, the operating personnel
Requirements is low, easy to learn.
4), atlas nesting programming, appoint the alien from gallery, set the related parameters, the processing quantity, automatic nesting, automatic generating machining trajectory;
5), form a complete set of AUTO CAD drawing software compatibility;
Cut glass size 6), direct input, automatic optimized cutting directly;
7), with automatic correction function. To ensure that the cutting accuracy;
8), cutting path selection function. Make sure the best cutting speed;
9), the origin correction function. Can be set in a secondary origin;
10), photoelectric positioning function, according to the actual position and the deflection Angle, automatic adjustment of cutting;
11), automatically adjust the cutting knife pressure function, to ensure optimal cutting effect;, all kinds of protection: including hard and soft limit, knife pressure limit, external stop control and so on.With functions of automatic design and print labels and scan.

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