CNC-4228 automatic glass cutting line

CNC-4228 automatic glass cutting line
1. The basic working principle: Mainly used for automatic glass slices. Put the glass in the specified location, take after sign the slices chuck up automatically at glass after adsorption and be placed in Taiwan transfer roller, automatic glass to the cutting machine on the host. 2.Equipment part: Is mainly composed of frame mechanism, turnover mechanism, lifting mechanism, X axis sucker, walking mechanism, Y axis moving mechanism, conveying mechanism, vacuum and gas control system, electrical control system of eight parts. 3. The equipment of institutions: Framework is mainly composed of institution, flip agencies, chuck hoisting mechanism, travel mechanism X axis, Y axis motion mechanism, transmission organization, vacuum and pneumatic, electric control system Eight most of gas control system the equipment adjustment and maintenance manual ways, each action can be separate Complete, also can be used for normal work. Given slices signal (manual, automatic) after turning, the system work, make motor driven mechanical reverse institutions Disc arm turn up, and achieve the same Angle flip stop and glass, before moving motor making suckers, at the top near the suction cup detection switch when in contact with the glass, Stop forward motor. When vacuum system, work began to adsorption glass sucker, when the vacuum pressure switch to set pressure, adjustable according to the thickness of the glass vacuum pump stops, the chuck of the scale Linkage driven by motor lift up the glass, in this location about stopping for a few seconds later, make sure that single piece of glass suction, motor driven mechanical turnover mechanism make the glass countertops transmit mesa, telescopic rod system landed the suction cup and glass at the same time, rapid release chuck compressed air blowing glass, start to send glass to drive mechanism Machine on the front to stop signal point. Then the whole frame of mobile automatically find zero after stop, wait for cutting machine signal, can with glass cutting machine with speed Piece sent to the cutting table, glass is sent out automatically after work cycle on a piece of program, this machine is used according to the required thickness of the glass arbitrarily selected location into slices.
Mechanical parameter:


Product detail diagram

  • CNC-4228 automatic glass cutting line

Scope of application

RF Series CNC Full Automatic Glass Cutting Line

This line consists of three parts -- full auto loading table, full auto glass cutter and auto glass breaking unit to realize the flow processes of glass loading, cutting and breaking.
This line has been comprehensively upgraded by means of introduction of European leading technology, world newest tech and process to eliminate the insufficient performances, incomplete functions and unstable operation from domestic glass loader, moreover, through the precise racks, slide-rails, servo motors and pneumatic elements, it achieves the long-term stable accuracy and fast running; with the newest American Galil control system, it features even faster operation, higher safety, higher efficiency, more stability and better accuracy; with the photoelectric positioning, it facilitates the simple and precise operation and prominent labor saving.

Technical index

The machine configuration:

1), flip sprocket chain: high precision wear-resisting reinforced;

2), transfer roller: imported PU material;

3), vacuum suction cup: Nitril rubber material adsorption structure.;

4), flip reducer: (Thunis, China).

5), the X axis reducer: (Thunis, China).

6), Y reducer: (Thunis, China).;

7),Chuck hoisting speed reducer (Thunis,China)

8),Vacuum Pump: (Joysun,China)

  1. 5. Electrical configuration:

1), PLC controller: (Delta Taiwan);

2), frequency converter: (Delta Taiwan);

3), touch screen display control (Taiwan) (Delta Taiwan);

4), contactor, schneider (France);

5), the circuit breaker: schneider (France);

6), intermediate relay: schneider (France);

7), switching power supply: (Delta Taiwan);

8), control transformers: (Chint,China);

9), main control vacuum electromagnetic valve: (AIRTAC,Taiwan);

10), photoelectric switch: (CORON,Taiwan);

11),proximity switch: (CORON,Taiwan);


On 1), upper and lower size range: minimum size: 1500 * 1200 mm;(single side)

On the biggest piece of size: 4200 * 2800 mm;

2), and slice thickness: 3 ~ 19 mm;

(5), absorption depth: 750 mm can make the necessary improvements according to the needs of the customer);

3), the X axis walking speed: 5 ~ 25 m/min (adjustable);

4), Y walking speed: 8 ~ 12 m/min (adjustable);

5), transmission speed: 5-25 m/min (adjustable);

6), the number of turning arm: four arm;

7), the number of single arm chuck: three;

8), the reverse: double, single, transfer, can choose according to customer's requirement.

9), the cycle: 50 s or less (every one station to increase 10 s);

10), installed power: AC380V / 50 hz (special circumstances) can be adjusted according to customer's requirements;

11), the total power installation: 9-12kw;

12), compressed air: 0.4-0.6 kpa.

13), vacuum pressure: -50 ~ -99Kpa (adjustable according to the thickness of the glass);

14), mesa height: 900 + 20 mm;

15), shape size: 4800 * 3200 * 900 + 20 mm.


1), the alarm system: with reliable vacuum detection device, to appear abnormal situation can be automatic alarm and display, can be used to control when abnormal and confirmed The vacuum alarm when abnormal and guarantee under the glass in the vacuum state; When the emergency stop to ensure the vacuum suction cups in a glass in the vacuum state, avoid Avoid glass damage due to abnormal downtime;

2), the operation pattern: the device has automatic mode and manual mode two functions for selection, operation convenient and intuitive;

3), the operating interface: LCD touch-screen display, Chinese display, convenient operation;

4) the main frame, and steel structure all use international quality rectangular pipe compound links and bolt assembly; Rectangular steel tube thickness :over3-8mm

5), the machine materials after aging treatment, the surface with special cleaning process to remove surface pitting and table oxide layer, the bottom spray advanced zinc yellow polyester paint, surface spraying

Senior automotive paint (and this model can according to customer's color) painting process: oil removal debarring machine framework - polishing ball toss rust - grinding polishing - spray anti-rust primer - semi-finished products

- dust do third time two times be bored with child - polishing putty - sand polishing - intermediate - spraying cars - ethylene oxide primer spraying senior acrylic paint - spray the clear coat Paint (customers can specify the color paint) - finished

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