Ultra-thin glass loading & cutting machine

Ultra-thin glass loading & cutting machine
More accurate accuracy and high cutting rate; High safety performance and small footprint; Stable performance and complete functionality; Easy to operate and save manpower
Mechanical parameter:

nto the upper piece size range: the minimum upper piece 1200 * 700 Maximum size: 2500*2000mm

Thickness of the upper piece: 1~3mm

the fastest on the cycle: 15-25 (adjustable)

Maximum loading capacity:300KG

The number of single-side upper sheet arm:4 arms.

Number of single arm suction sheng:4 pcs.

Product detail diagram

  • Ultra-thin glass loading & cutting machine

Scope of application

In the construction industry, glass cutting machines are widely used in the production of glass curtain walls, glass partitions, glass display windows, glass doors and windows, etc. In the field of home decoration, glass cutting machines are often used to make glass furniture, glass tableware, glass artworks, etc. In the glass processing industry, glass cutting machines are indispensable production workers.

Technical index

*Drilling and positioning function: The pre-positioning function for drilling is provided in the shaped gallery.
*Cutter head protection function: it should have mechanical protection function to eliminate all possibilities of collision.
*Shaped cutting: the equipment can accurately and automatically cut any straight line, diagonal line or shaped.
*Stroke protection : The maximum stroke of the equipment has both mechanical and electrical protection.
*Operation record: From the date of installation, a complete record of all operation processes, fault signals, etc. is automatically stored in the hard disk. In case of malfunction, the machine can be
The operation status of the machine can be read at any time through this data.
*Production management: automatic statistics of start-up time, cutting extension meters, to facilitate production management and assessment of the actual work status, can be used as a new capital, attendance data basis.
It can be used as the data for new salary and attendance.
*Work estimation: The software can quickly calculate the actual cutting time, which is convenient for users to make production plans and production process arrangements.
<Cutting Pressure Adjustment Function: Any cutting pressure adjustment can be directly adjusted by the keyboard without manual operation.


Basic performance:
1. equipment specifications:
*Maximum size of cut glass: 2500*2000mm.
*Working Table Height: 900s 50mm.
*Cutting thickness: 1~3mm
2. Cutting parameters:
*Linear parallelism: s0.25mm/m.
*Diagonal accuracy: 50.25mm/m (the above accuracy is subject to the accuracy of the cutting line before breaking the piece)
*Cutting bridge linear speed: 0~160m/min (adjustable)
*Cutting bridge acceleration ≥3.0m/s2
*Cutting head holder linear speed ≥150m/min.
*Cutter head holder acceleration ≥6.0m/s2
*Cutting head positioning accuracy error 0.15mm
3、Power Supply/Power:
* Installation power requirements: 380V/5OHZ
* Compressed air: 0.8PA.
4.Equipment performance
*Equipment frame: treated
*Cutting knife seat: 360 degrees rotation, knife head up and down type cutting (can accurately cut any straight line and a variety of shaped glass)
*Table top: black insulated board
*Positioning system: mechanical positioning and photoelectric sweeping surface positioning
* Oil supply mode: automatic oil filling. And the lower knife synchronization
5、Mechanical part
* Rack and pinion: Japan KHK rack and pinion.
*Guideway: Taiwan Shangyin (square guideway)
* Ageing treatment gantry
*Knife wheel/wheel clamp: Germany Bohrer.
6、Electrical parts
*Adopt domestic computer mainframe, Microsoft Windows interface.
*Voltage: 380V/50Hz.
*Motor: Germany servo motor
*Proximity switch: Schneider (France)
*Control card: Baolun (U.S. GELTU)
*Main electrical original: Beifort (Sino-German joint venture)
*Pneumatic proportional valve: Japan SMC
*With lower knife limit protection function.
*Can automatically calculate the capacity function.
*With a variety of cutting gallery. (Can be convenient for drawing and operation)
*Compatible with AUTO CAD drawing software.
*With automatic correction function. Ensure cutting accuracy.
*Cutting path selection function. Ensure the best cutting speed.
*Automatic debugging cutting knife pressure, fast, accurate and stable.
*Shaped cutting automatic pressure, can quickly and effectively ensure the cutting effect.
*Origin correction function. The origin can be set twice.
*Operating input: keyboard and mouse. Chinese/English dialog interface
*With automatic adjustment function of knife pressure for shaped cutting to ensure the best cutting effect.
*Shaped template scanning: with a variety of (including shaped) templates for point-by-point scanning and then converted into CAD graphics function.
* Optimization of pressure and speed: according to the pattern, straight line, solitary line, internal curvature, external curvature start point, end point: accelerated section, decelerated section, etc., the output of the full-automatic optimization adjustment
Optimize the pressure and speed.
* Shaped library: contains a variety of shaped software library, this library can meet all the possibilities of the need.
* Alien optimization: The aliens in the geometry library can be combined with each other by changing the size, free rotation, left-right traverse, and so on, according to the requirements of the order.
* Chinese operation interface: man-machine dialogue should adopt the full Chinese menu.

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