Model 6133 Double Flip Single Station Glass Sheeting Machine

Adopt mechanical flip structure. Ball screw lifting and lowering, stable operation, can realize various thicknesses of glass picking up tablets. The number and order of loading can be set automatically, and the equipment can walk, pick up and convey automatically. The equipment can choose bilateral multi-station loading, and realize the automatic glass picking operation of different specifications of multiple racks at the same time. There are two modes of automatic and manual for choice. The operation is convenient and intuitive, and it can be used in conjunction with domestic and foreign automatic and semi-automatic glass cutting machines to form automatic or semi-automatic cutting lines.
Mechanical parameter:

Upper limit of upper plate size: 6000 * 3300mm

Lower limit of upper plate size: 1800 * 1000mm

Thickness of upper glass: 2-25mm

Loading cycle: 30-50 seconds (adjustable)

Weight of laminated glass: 1200 kilograms

Product detail diagram

  • Model 6133 Double Flip Single Station Glass Sheeting Machine

Scope of application

  1. Safety glass: Safety glass usually includes tempered glass, which has high hardness and strong toughness. When cutting, it is necessary to use fixed cutting equipment, cut according to size requirements, and then temper. The processing process consumes a large amount of power resources, and in terms of equipment selection and use, unit energy consumption should be fully considered.
  2. Architectural glass: Architectural glass mainly includes flat glass, window glass, curtain wall glass, etc. Glass deep processing enterprises generally formulate a special policy to meet the needs of zero order patch and sample production.
  3. Hollow glass: Hollow glass is composed of two or more layers of flat glass. The outer processing technology and process of insulating glass may be completely different, but it is required to reach the hollow at the same time for lamination treatment. The accuracy and timeliness of hollow lamination, which can reduce work in progress, improve production efficiency, and ensure delivery time, are important requirements for glass deep processing.
  4. Craft glass: Craft glass requires secondary artistic processing, which is used for engineering decoration, outdoor decoration, home decoration, etc. The cutting of craft glass requires cutting various complex shapes such as curves. The cutting tool cannot form cracks after cutting the glass. The edges of the processed glass need to be ground and polished, and the processing process requires high precision and complexity.
  5. Optoelectronic glass: Optoelectronic glass refers to the organic combination of light, electricity, and glass. Optoelectronic glass is mainly used for display, with a wide range. The color of optoelectronic glass can be customized according to customer requirements.
  6. Energy saving glass: Energy saving glass usually provides insulation and heat preservation, such as heat absorbing glass, heat reflecting glass, low radiation glass, insulating glass, vacuum glass, and ordinary glass. Energy saving glass is also widely used in buildings.

Technical index

The upper limit of the size of the upper piece:6000*3300mm

  Lower limit of upper glass size: 1800*1000mm

  Thickness of glass: 2-25mm

  Loading cycle: 30-50 seconds (adjustable)

  Weight of glass: 1200kg

  Type of loading station: single station

  Flip arm type: double flip

  Production line type: float glass production line

  Types of glass production: automobile glass, architectural glass, decorative glass, aviation glass, home appliance glass, furniture glass, lamp glass, tempered glass, insulating glass, broken glass, float glass, quartz glass, ultra-white float glass, super-wave glass, microcrystalline glass, optical glass, art glass, special glass, high-temperature-resistant glass.

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