Model 4228 Full-automatic glass cutting and touching assembly line

Type 4228 fully automatic glass cutting touch line manufacturer
Model 4228 Fully automatic glass cutting assembly line. High cutting rate, good stability, and saves manpower. Suitable for cutting, grinding, and cleaning various types of glass.
Mechanical parameter:

Power: 6000w

Cutting bridge speed: 0-160m/min (Adjustable)

Cutting thickness :2-25mm

Product detail diagram

  • Type 4228 fully automatic glass cutting touch line manufacturer
  • Fully automatic glass cutting line manufacturer
  • ruifeng Type 6133 fully automatic glass cutting line
  • ruifeng Type 4228 double-turn four-station glass cutting line

Scope of application

Architectural glass, automotive glass, craft glass, round glass, decorative glass, cabinet glass coated glass, home appliance glass, solar glass, kitchen glass, bathroom glass, lens, crafts glass, glass and other glass cutting operations.

Technical index

ruifeng Type 4228 double-turn and two-station glass cutting line


The fully automatic glass cutting assembly line is widely used for various types of glass cutting, mainly for cutting, grinding, and cleaning glass such as architectural glass, safety glass, process glass, photovoltaic glass, etc.

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