Model 4030 double-turning double-station glass loading machine

Model 4030 double-turning double-station glass loading machine
Adopting mechanical turning structure. Roller screw lifting and lowering, stable operation, can realize automatic picking of glass of various thickness. It can automatically set the quantity of glass and the order of glass loading stations, and the equipment can automatically travel, pick up glass and convey glass automatically. The equipment can choose bilateral multi-station loading, and realize automatic glass picking operation of different specifications in multiple racks at the same time. The machine has both automatic mode and manual mode for choice. The operation is convenient and intuitive. It can be used with domestic and foreign automatic and semi-automatic cutting machines to form a fully automatic cutting line.
Mechanical parameter:


Product detail diagram

  • Model 4030 double-turning double-station glass loading machine

Scope of application

Technical index

Range of upper glass: 1000mm-8000mm
Processing glass thickness: 3-25mm
Loading cycle: 40-70 seconds adjustable
Weight of glass: 800-2000Kg
Loading station type: single/double/multiple stations
Flip arm type: single flip/double flip

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