Model 4028 Automatic Glass Cutting Machine

Model 4028 Automatic Glass Cutting Machine manufacture
The 4028 Automatic Glass Cutting Machine supports customization of parameters and is suitable for glass cutting in different glass industries. It has high cutting efficiency, precision, and accuracy. Easy to operate and safe to use. The 3826 model can greatly save labor costs and improve work efficiency.
Mechanical parameter:

Upper limit of cuttable glass size: 4000*2800mm

Table height: 900±50mm.

Equipment weight: 2.5T.

Cutting thickness: 2~19mm.

Product detail diagram

  • Model 4028 Automatic Glass Cutting Machine manufacture

Scope of application

In the construction industry, glass cutting machines are widely used in the production of glass curtain walls, glass partitions, glass display windows, glass doors and windows, etc. In the field of home decoration, glass cutting machines are often used to make glass furniture, glass tableware, glass artworks, etc. In the glass processing industry, glass cutting machines are indispensable production workers.

Technical index

Cutting parameters: ★Linear parallelism: 0.25mm/m

  ★Linear parallelism: 0.25mm/m

  ★Diagonal accuracy: 0.30mm / m (the above accuracy to break the piece before the cutting line accuracy shall prevail)

  Cutting bridge speed: 0~160m/min (adjustable)

  ★Cutting bridge acceleration ≥ 3.0m/s²

  ★Cutter headstock speed ≥ 150m/min

  ★Cutter headstock acceleration ≥6.0m/s²

  ★Air float transmission

  ★Cutting head positioning accuracy error ≤ ± 0.15mm

  Power supply/power:

  ★Installation power requirements: 380V/50HZ

  ★Actual power of the equipment: 11.5KW.

  ★Compressed air: 0.6PA.

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