Model 2520 Fully Automatic Cutting & Loading Machine

Model 2520 Fully Automatic Cutting & Loading Machine manufacturer
Production management: Automatically counting startup time, cutting extended meters, facilitating production management and assessing actual work status, can be used as data for new employees and attendance Job estimation: This software can quickly calculate the actual cutting time, making it easy for users to develop production plans and process arrangements.
Mechanical parameter:

Voltage: 380V/50Hz.

Motor: German servo motor

Proximity switch: Schneider (France)

Control card: Baolun (GELTU, USA)

Main electrical components: Beford (Sino German joint venture)

Product detail diagram

  • Model 2520 Fully Automatic Cutting & Loading Machine manufacturer
  • Model 2520 fully automatic cutting and loading machine
  • Model 2520 Fully Automatic Cutting & Loading Machine
  • Model 2520 Fully Automatic Cutting & Loading Machine

Scope of application

Adopting the latest technology and processing technology, the machine has developed a full-automatic piece-loading, cutting and breaking machine with international advanced level, which covers a small area, is safe and simple to operate, with fast speed and high precision, can automatically load and cut the pieces and can be commanded to walk freely in the workshop through the remote control, which saves manpower, and is safe and risk-free, and advanced mechanical structure is supported by highly intelligent cutting and system optimization software, which effectively Improve the stability of the cutting machine as well as the cutting quality and optimization rate of the glass. Realize automatic glass loading, automatic cutting, automatic positioning and automatic optimization.

Scope of application
Architectural glass, automotive glass, craft glass, round glass, decorative glass, cabinet glass, coated glass, home appliance glass, solar glass, glass, sanitary glass, lens, craft glass, mirror glass and other glass cutting operations.

Technical index


Basic performance:

1. Equipment specifications:

*Maximum size of glass that can be cut: 2500 * 2000mm

*Workbench height: 900 ± 50mm

*Cutting thickness: 1-3mm

2. Cutting parameters:

*Parallelism of straight lines: s0.25mm/m

*Diagonal accuracy: 50.25mm/m (the above accuracy is based on the cutting line accuracy before breaking)

*Cutting bridge linear speed: 0-160m/min (Adjustable)

*Cutting bridge acceleration ≥ 3.0m/s2

*Blade holder linear speed ≥ 150m/min

*Blade holder acceleration ≥ 6.0m/s2

*Cutting head positioning accuracy error of 0.15mm

3. Power supply/power:

*Installation power requirement: 380V/5OHZ

*Compressed air: 0.8PA.

4. Equipment performance

*Device framework: processed

*Cutting blade holder: 360 degree rotation, upper and lower cutting of the blade (can accurately cut any straight line and various irregular shaped glass)

*Countertop: black insulation board

*Positioning system: mechanical positioning and photoelectric scanning surface positioning

*Oil supply method: automatic oiling. Synchronize with cutting

5. Mechanical part

*Rack: Japanese KHK diagonal rack

*Guide rail: Taiwan Shangyin (square guide rail)

*Timely processing gantry

*Knife wheel/wheel clamp: Bohler, Germany.

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