Model 1915 Automatic NC Glass Cutting Machine

Model 1915 Automatic NC Glass Cutting Machine
The machine introduces foreign advanced technology and technology, adopts foreign screw (or rack) and square guide and other high-performance components, the application of CAD drawings launched a new concept of glass cutting machine, with good stability, high precision, multi-blade can be cut at the same time, the functional indicators to meet the standard. Can meet a variety of glass cutting needs, can replace the expensive foreign CNC equipment, its strong cost-effective and stable is the glass deep processing industry must choose the equipment. For a long time has been favored by the majority of glass deep processing industry.
Mechanical parameter:

Upper limit of glass size that can be cut: 2500 * 2000mm

Workbench height: 900 ± 50mm

Equipment weight: 1.8T

Cutting thickness: 3-25mm

Product detail diagram

  • Model 1915 Automatic NC Glass Cutting Machine
  • Model 1915 fully automatic NC glass cutting machine manufacture
  • Model 1915 Automatic NC Glass Cutting Machine

Scope of application

Glass cutting machine is a machine specifically designed for cutting glass, widely used in fields such as construction, home furnishings, automobiles, and aviation. A glass cutting machine can cut, hole, cut, and grind glass to achieve precise dimensions and shapes. In the field of architecture, glass cutting machines are mainly used for processing glass doors and windows, curtain walls, partitions, skylights and other products. In the home industry, glass cutting machines are widely used for processing glass cabinet doors, glass dining tables, glass stairs, glass flower racks and other products; In the automotive industry, glass cutting machines are important equipment for manufacturing glass components such as windows, roofs, and doors. In the aviation industry, glass cutting machines are used to manufacture aircraft windows, instrument panels, and other components. In summary, glass cutting machines play an important role in various fields, providing efficient, accurate, and reliable solutions for glass processing.

Technical index

1、X-direction:Motor rack and square guideway drive

2、Y-direction:Motor rack and square guideway drive

3、Rack and pinion: KHK

4、Guideway:Taiwan Shangyin square linear guideway

5、Flexible cable: national brand cable

6、Knife box: double column spring knife box

7、Cutting wheel and knife clamp: the company's knife frame, with German knife wheel

★ Equipment frame: Cast iron undergoes aging treatment to ensure that the tabletop does not deform and the parallelism is fine.

★ Cutting blade holder: The blade rotates 360 degrees, allowing for up and down cutting (achieving glass cutting in any straight line and various irregular shapes)

★ countertop: Made of waterproof panels. It can effectively prevent moisture and does not deform.

★ Felt: Foreign industrial felt (fibers and wool) has good flatness and can prevent static electricity.

★ Positioning system: pneumatic mechanical and photoelectric scanning positioning.

★ Oil supply method: Pneumatic automatic oil injection. Synchronize with the downward cutting,

Mechanical part

★ Platform board: Made of foreign waterproof/fireproof boards. (Flatness 0.20mm)

★ Gear rack/guide rail: Japanese KHK.

★ Knife wheel/wheel clamp: German Bohler.

Electrical components

★ Control is carried out using an industrial industrial computer, with a Microsoft Windows interface.

★ Voltage: 380V/50HZ. The equipment is equipped with a voltage stabilizing device.

★ Motor: ASD servo motor (both irregular and linear cutting effects are good).

★ Proximity switch: Omron

★ Control card: Baolun.

★ Main electrical components: Omron and Schneider.

★ Pneumatic proportional valve: Japanese SMC


★ Zhongbao Wheel Cutting Software and Optimization Software (optional)

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