Model 1312 Ultra-thin Glass Cutting Machine

Type 1312 ultra-thin glass cutting machine manufacturer
The 1312 ultra-thin glass cutting machine is suitable for cutting glass such as photoelectric glass, LCD glass, display glass, mobile phone glass, art glass, etc. It can achieve single cutting of various shapes. High cutting efficiency, good accuracy, high yield, and simple and convenient operation, with no technical requirements for operators.
Mechanical parameter:

Cutting thickness: 0.5 mm-8mm

Effective size for cutting glass: 1100 * 1300mm

Total weight: 1800kg

Cutting parallelism: ± 0.10mm-500mm (the straight-line tolerance of small glass pieces can be controlled within 0.05mm)

Tolerance for irregular cutting: ± 0.15mm/m

Cutting speed: 0-100 meters/minute (adjustable)

Power: 3.6kw

Product detail diagram

  • Type 1312 ultra-thin glass cutting machine manufacturer

Scope of application

Glass cutting machines have a wide range of applications, covering almost all aspects of glass product processing. With the continuous development of technology, the efficiency and accuracy of glass cutting machines have also been greatly improved, making the production of glass products more efficient and accurate, while also improving the quality and market competitiveness of glass products.

Technical index

Main equipment composition:

Transmission system: X, Y, and Z axes use servo motors

Oil supply method: automatic oil injection device

Mechanical configuration: The screw guide rail is a foreign configuration

Countertop: marble countertop, air flotation device

Knife head cylinder: SMC

Electrical components: Schneider, Chint

Computer configuration: Lenovo Industrial Control


Using professional glass cutting software and CAD drawing, the thickness of the glass can be directly clicked, and the cutting head can automatically adjust the pressure and the cutting distance of the glass to achieve automatic cutting.

List of vulnerable parts: cutting wheel

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