Model 1312 Automatic Single Knife Head Glass Cutting Machine

1312 Automatic Single Knife Head Glass Cutting Machine manufacture
This machine introduces advanced foreign technology and processes, uses high-performance components such as foreign screw rods (or racks) and square guide rails, and introduces a new concept of glass cutting machine using CAD drawing. It has the functions of good stability, high accuracy, and multi blade simultaneous cutting, and all functional indicators meet the standards.
Mechanical parameter:

Applicable upper limit for processing raw board size: 1300 * 1200 (mm)

Cutting accuracy: Linear cutting ≤ 0.10mm, irregular cutting ≤ 0.10mm

Diagonal cutting accuracy: ≤ 0.15mm

Cuttable glass thickness: 0.5-10mm

The countertop has a blowing function

Power supply voltage: AC 380V or 220V

Workbench: Electric wooden board (surface flatness 0.05mm)

Product detail diagram

  • 1312 Automatic Single Knife Head Glass Cutting Machine manufacture
  • Glass cutting machine manufacture

Scope of application

It can meet the cutting needs of different types of glass, such as decorative glass, makeup mirror glass, furniture glass, splicing mirror glass, round glass, clock glass, craft glass, etc. It can replace expensive foreign CNC equipment, and its strong cost-effectiveness and stability are the preferred equipment in the glass deep processing industry. For a long time, it has been highly favored by professionals in the glass deep processing industry.

Technical index

Main equipment composition:

1. X-direction motor: hybrid servo motor

2. Y-direction motor: hybrid servo motor

3. Lead screw: Taiwan Shangyin

4. Guide rail: Taiwan silver square linear guide rail

5. Flexible cable: domestic brand cable

6. Knife box: Double guide column spring knife box

7. Cutting knife wheel and knife clip: using our company's knife holder, equipped with German knife wheel

Function introduction:

1. It can perform cutting and processing of straight or irregular shapes according to user needs. Cutting graphics can be imported into AUTOCAD graphics.

2. The countertop has an air flotation function.

3. The X and Y-axis transmission and positioning use Taiwan linear guide rails and rolling screws, with a software cutting and repeated positioning accuracy of 0.05mm. The tool box adopts our company's developed double guide column spring tool box, which is easy to adjust pressure and has good cutting quality.

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