Key methods to improve glass cutting machine efficiency and technology



Glass cutting is an important link in glass processing, which has a direct impact on the quality and cost of glass products. In order to improve the efficiency of your glass cutting machine and master the best cutting techniques, this article will introduce several key methods.

Choose the appropriate cutting tool
Choosing cutting tools suitable for different types of glass is the key to improving cutting efficiency. Common cutting tools include sodium tungstate knives, diamond knives and wheel knives. Sodium tungstate knife is suitable for cutting ordinary glass, diamond knife is suitable for glass with higher hardness, and wheel knife is suitable for cutting special shapes. Choosing appropriate cutting tools according to different glass types can improve cutting efficiency and reduce cutting loss.

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Keep cutting tools sharp
The sharpness of the cutting tool is critical to the effectiveness of the cut. Regularly check and trim the edges of your cutting tools to ensure they maintain good sharpness. Diamond knives will wear out during use and need to be replaced regularly. Keeping cutting tools sharp can improve cutting efficiency and reduce cutting force, while also ensuring the quality of the cutting line.

Control cutting speed and pressure
Cutting speed and pressure are important factors affecting cutting efficiency. Too fast a cutting speed can easily lead to uneven cutting lines, while too slow a cutting speed can reduce cutting efficiency. Reasonably controlling the cutting speed and maintaining stable cutting force can improve cutting efficiency and ensure the quality of the cutting line.

Use coolant correctly
During the cutting process, the use of coolant can effectively reduce the cutting temperature and reduce the thermal stress generated during cutting, thereby avoiding glass breakage. Proper use of coolant can improve cutting efficiency and extend the service life of cutting tools.

Master cutting skills
Mastering cutting skills is crucial to improving cutting efficiency. Here are some common cutting tips:

Before cutting, use a pencil or other tool to draw cutting lines on the glass for more accurate cutting.
Use an appropriate cutting angle so that the cutting knife forms a suitable angle with the glass surface, which makes it easier to cut the glass.
Keep a steady arm and wrist when cutting and avoid shaking or shaking to ensure a straight and smooth cutting line.
Use the right amount of pressure when cutting to avoid excessive pressure that may cause the glass to break or the cut line to be uneven.

in conclusion:
By selecting appropriate cutting tools, keeping the tools sharp, controlling cutting speed and pressure, using coolant correctly, and mastering cutting techniques, you can effectively improve the efficiency of your glass cutting machine and obtain the best cutting results. The continuous improvement of cutting technology and the continuous improvement of technology will bring higher efficiency and quality to the glass processing industry.