Glass storage racks

Glass storage racks
Glass storage rack/glass storage system: Our company is committed to the production, research and development, and production of glass storage racks, greatly improving the production efficiency of the glass industry. Save labor costs.
Mechanical parameter:

More accurate accuracy and high cutting rate;

High safety performance and small footprint;

Stable performance and complete functionality;

Easy to operate and save manpower;

Product detail diagram

  • Glass storage racks
  • Glass storage racks

Scope of application

The processing of various glass production lines is left and right, and is matched with various glass deep processing equipment such as mirror making lines, interlayer lines, edge grinding screen printing, colored glaze, cleaning, and photovoltaic production lines at the front and rear ends.

Technical index

The intelligent glass raw material storage system is an intelligent management system aimed at intensive, diversified, and automated raw material warehouses in glass deep processing plants. It can be connected with ERP data for real-time inventory exchange. Based on the optimization results, the glass frame can be automatically retrieved and sent to the loading station. It has independent inventory management and replenishment functions, and will schedule according to the order situation and actual on-site work status during work, issuing instructions to control the automatic execution of the trolley.

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