Cutting depth adjustment and technical analysis of glass cutting machine



Glass cutting is a precision process, and the glass cutting machine is one of the key equipment to achieve this process. When using a glass cutting machine, people are often concerned about whether the cutting depth is adjustable, how different cutting techniques are applied, and the possible consequences of cutting glass with too much force.

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Cutting depth adjustment
Most modern glass cutting machines are equipped with cutting depth adjustment. By adjusting the cutter wheel and cutting pressure, the operator can control the depth of the cutting knife into the glass, allowing precise adjustment of the cutting depth of the glass. This flexibility allows the glass cutter to be used with a variety of different thicknesses and types of glass.

different cutting techniques
Hand Cutting: Traditional hand cutting techniques require skilled skills and experience. The operator uses a cutting tool to score lines on the glass surface and then uses force to cut through the glass.
CNC cutting: This is an automated cutting technology that uses a computer control system to precisely control the movement of the cutting machine to achieve efficient and precise cutting. It is suitable for mass production and cutting requirements for complex graphics.
Possible consequences of using too much force
Cutting glass with too much force may cause the following results:

Glass breakage: Excessive cutting pressure may cause cracks or chips at the edge of the glass, affecting the cutting effect and the integrity of the glass.
Cutting line deviation: Excessive force may cause the cutting line to deviate from the expected position, resulting in inaccurate cutting and affecting product quality.
Therefore, when using a glass cutting machine, it is necessary to reasonably adjust the cutting depth and cutting pressure according to the type and thickness of the glass and the required cutting effect to avoid adverse results caused by excessive force.

Glass cutting machine suitable for production use
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By understanding the cutting depth adjustment function of the glass cutting machine and different cutting techniques, and paying attention to the possible consequences of excessive force, we can better master the glass cutting process and effectively improve production efficiency and product quality.