6133 type fully automatic glass cutting assembly line

ruifeng Type 6133 fully automatic glass cutting line
Equipment composition: It is mainly composed of frame mechanism, turnover mechanism, suction cup lifting mechanism, X-axis traveling mechanism, Y-axis traveling mechanism, conveying mechanism, vacuum and air circuit control system and electrical control system.
Mechanical parameter:

Easy to operate and save manpower

More accurate accuracy and high cutting rate;

High safety performance and small footprint;


Product detail diagram

  • ruifeng Type 6133 fully automatic glass cutting line
  • Stable performance 8133 type glass cutting line manufacture
  • Model 8133 double-turning four-station glass cutting assembly line manufacture

Scope of application

Applicable scope

Various glass cutting operations include building, hollow doors and windows, coating, automotive, household appliances, solar energy, kitchenware, bathroom, mirror, craft glass, etc.

Technical index


Specifications Previous Flip Loading station Processing dimensions Cutting speed
RF-6133 Single/Double Flip Single Station/Dual Station 6100*3300 0—150m/min
Cutting precision Processing thickness Power External dimensions
≤±0.30 2—25mm 20-22kw 21000*4500*900

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Technical parameters:

1) Upper dimension range: minimum loading size: 2400×1500mm (on one side)

2) . maximum loading sheet size: 6000×3300mm;

3) Thickness of glass sheet: 3 ~ 19mm;

4) Suction depth: 750mm;

5) X-axis traveling speed: 5 ~ 25m / min (adjustable);

6) Y-axis travel speed: 8 ~ 12m / min (adjustable);

7) Conveying speed: 5-25m / min (adjustable);

8) Number of turning arms: 12 arms (double side);

9) Number of single arm suction cups: three;

10) Loading arm: double side;

11) Loading cycle: 20-35s adjustable (30s for each additional station);

12) Installation power supply: AC380V / 50Hz (special circumstances can be adjusted according to customer requirements);

13) Total installed power: 8-17kw;

14) Compressed air: 0.6 ~ 0.8MPa;

15)Vacuum degree: - 50 ~ - 99kpa (adjustable according to glass thickness);

16) Table height: 900 ± 20mm;

17) Overall dimension: 6800×3480×900mm


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