5133 Automatic cutting line

Fully automatic glass cutting line manufacturer
5133 Automatic glass loading table: By introducing advanced Italian technology and adopting international original technology and processing techniques, we have upgraded the overall performance of the loading machine and the incomplete functions of the cutting machine, and developed a fully automatic glass cutting assembly line with international advanced level.
Mechanical parameter:

Processing dimensions:5100*3300

Cutting speed:0—200m/min

Cutting precision:≤±0.20

Processing thickness:2—25mm

External dimensions:21000*4500*900

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  • Fully automatic glass cutting line manufacturer
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  • 5133 Automatic cutting line parts
  • 5133 Automatic cutting line
  • 5133 Automatic cutting line

Scope of application

Scope of application: various glass cutting operations such as construction, hollow doors and windows, coating, automotive, household appliances, solar energy, kitchenware, bathroom, lenses, handicraft glass, etc.

Technical index

Composition: Fully automatic glass loading machine, fully automatic CNC glass cutting machine, automatic sheet breaking machine.


Features: High safety, fast speed, accurate accuracy, simple operation, high cutting rate, good stability, full functionality, and more labor-saving.


Performance: Advanced mechanical structure paired with Italian or Greio cutting and system optimization software greatly improves the stability of the cutting machine, as well as the cutting quality and optimization rate of glass. Realize fully automatic glass loading, automatic transmission, automatic positioning, automatic optimization, automatic cutting, and sheet breaking operations.

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