2620Full automatic multifunctional glass cutting machine

2620Full automatic multifunctional glass cutting machine
2620 Full automatic multifunctional glass cutting machine.The fully automatic glass cutting machine is widely used and easy to operate. It is more suitable for building glass manufacturers and glass manufacturers to use.
Mechanical parameter:

pper sheet size range: Minimum upper sheet size 1800 * 1000 (mm)

Maximum loading size: 2500 * 2000 (mm)

Upper sheet thickness: 3-19 (mm)

Number of turning arms: 2(single side loading)

Number of single arm suction cups: 4 pcs

Loading cycle: 15-30s (adjustable)

Installation power supply: 380V / 50Hz (foreign customers can customize on demand)

Compressed air: 0.6-0.8kpa

Product detail diagram

  • 2620Full automatic multifunctional glass cutting machine
  • 2620Full automatic multifunctional glass cutting machine

Scope of application

Performance introduction

The machine adopts the latest international technology and processing technology, and has developed a fully automatic multi-functional glass cutting equipment with international advanced level. The machine covers a small area, is simple and safe to operate, is fast and has high accuracy. It integrates loading, cutting and breaking. It can walk freely in the workshop under the command of the remote controller to realize full-automatic loading, automatic cutting, automatic positioning, automatic optimization and breaking.

Scope of application

It is suitable for deep processing of various glass manufacturers such as architectural glass, automobile glass, process glass, round glass, decorative glass, cabinet glass, home appliance glass, solar glass, bathroom glass, lens, handicraft glass, mirror glass and so on

Composition of equipment

It is mainly composed of frame mechanism, turning mechanism, suction cup lifting mechanism, traveling mechanism, vacuum and air circuit control mechanism, electrical control system, beam mechanism, workbench mechanism, cutter head mechanism, conveying mechanism (no need for the plate breaking table without the plate breaking table), and photoelectric scanning positioning system

Technical index

echnical description:

Alarm device: there is a reliable vacuum detection device, which can automatically alarm and display the abnormal conditions. It can control in case of abnormal conditions, ensure that the alarm is given in case of abnormal vacuum and the vacuum is evacuated in case of glass. In case of emergency shutdown, ensure that the vacuum suction cup is evacuated in case of glass to avoid glass damage due to abnormal shutdown. Operation mode: the equipment has two modes, manual and automatic, for easy and intuitive operation. Operation interface: LCD touch display interface, Chinese and English display module, convenient and fast operation

①Mechanical parameters and configuration of loading part
✫ Turnover sprocket chain: high precision reinforced wear-resistant type
✫ Vacuum suction cup: butyl rubber material (double adsorption structure)
✫ Turnover reducer: Chuangyan (Sino German joint venture)

✫ Suction cup lifting reducer: Chuangyan (Sino German joint venture)
Vacuum pump: NewSihai

② Electrical equipment configuration

✫ PLC controller: Delta (Taiwan)

✫ Frequency converter: Delta (Taiwan)

✫ Touch screen: Delta (Taiwan)

✫ AC contactor: Schneider (France)

✫ Switching power supply: Chint (domestic)

✫ Control transformer: Chint (domestic)

✫ Solenoid valve: Air Tac (Taiwan)

✫ Photoelectric switch: Guangchuan (Sino Japanese joint venture)

✫ Proximity switch: Guangchuan (Sino Japanese joint venture)

Note: the manufacturing company reserves the right to replace the purchased parts of the same brand according to the delivery date and technical improvement

Parameter configuration of cutting machine

✫ Main bearing: NSK (Japan)

✫ Guide rail: Shangyin (Taiwan)

✫ Rack: khk (Japan)

✫ Tool: Boler (Germany)

✫ Working table surface: imported industrial felt

✫ Platen: imported high density plate

✫ Power supply voltage: 380V / 50Hz (foreign customers can customize on demand)

✫ Air supply pressure: 0.6-0.8mpa (provided by the supplier)

✫ Motor: Nachtmann (Germany)

✫ Frequency converter: Delta (Taiwan)

✫ Proportional valve: Air Tac (Taiwan)

✫ Main solenoid valve: Air Tac (Taiwan)

✫ Motion control system: Galil (USA)

✫ Intermediate relay: Hequan / Prader

✫ AC contactor: Schneider (France)

✫ Motor circuit breaker: Schneider (France)

✫ Air switch: Chint

✫ Proximity switch: Guangchuan / Prader / otumik

Note: the manufacturing company reserves the right to replace the purchased parts of the same brand according to the delivery date, technical improvement and other reasons

✫ Maximum cutting size: 2500 * 2000 (mm)

✫ Thickness range of cut glass: 3-19 (mm)

✫ Cutting straight line accuracy: ± 0.20mm

✫ Cutting precision of special-shaped glass: ± 0.25mm
✫ Cutting speed: 0-200m / min

✫ Glass conveying speed: 0-25m (adjustable, without breaking table)

✫ Overall dimension of equipment: 3100 * 2900 * 1200 (length, width and height)

✫ Working height of equipment: 900mm ± 20mm

✫ Equipment weight: 2050KG

✫ Total power of equipment: 9-15kw

⑤Software part: controller

✫ Fast and stable operation, high control accuracy, modular controller structure

✫ The human-machine interface is simple and generous, the parameter adjustment is simple, the parameters that need to be modified by the operator are few, simple and intuitive, and the requirements for the operator are low

✫ It has photoelectric positioning cutting mode, and the direct cutting mode can be freely set through options. Automatic cutting mode and empty running cutting mode can be realized at any time during machining

✫ Map library nesting programming, select special shapes from the map library, set relevant parameters, processing quantity, automatic nesting, and generate processing tracks

✫ With a complete glass pressure storage, the cutting pressure of each specification thickness can be input and saved at one time, and can be directly called

✫ Real time tracking display of machining path, timely recording of motion coordinates, axis status, I / O status, fault diagnosis and automatic alarm recording

✫ It can accept a variety of processing files, and connect with the standard G code of nesting software such as super good. The DXF file system of AutoCAD has its own graphics editing software (the same as the editing mode of Botero)

✫Map library nesting programming, select special shapes from the map library, set relevant parameters, processing quantity, automatic nesting, and generate processing tracks
✫ with the sorting function of DXF files, there are options such as nearest point, entry point or clockwise and counterclockwise sorting according to graphic color to realize unidirectional cutting and bidirectional cutting
✫ Photoelectric positioning function, automatically adjust cutting according to actual position and deflection angle
✫ Compensation function, tool eccentricity compensation, clearance compensation, pitch compensation
✫ Various protections, including soft and hard limit, knife pressure limit, external emergency stop control, etc

6. Optimization software

✫ can import optimization results done in the Office

✫ the cutting scheme can be manually created and edited

✫ copy and move function

✫ cutting sequence can be edited manually

✫ cutting scheme can be quickly created in X, y and Z modes

✫ multiple original and small pieces can be optimized at the same time

✫ optimized layout has no size limit

✫ optimization results, rotating image management, etc

✫ priority management of cutting chip optimization

✫ priority management of original optimization

✫ template scanning function and scanning graphics processing

✫ original film library management

✫ 20 efficient optimization algorithms

✫ can edit cutting graphics

✫ label design and label printing (label way)

✫ clear printing of optimization result report

✫ import Excel data file

✫ Low-E and laminated glass cutting management

✫ graphics library with multiple parametric graphics, including all common graphics types (GEO way)

✫ Two dimensional CAD system (CAD way) with special shape scanning processing function

✫ Automatically convert the digital information from the numerical control system into a graph to form a shape point

✫ The software operation interface has multiple language choices, including the selectable Chinese interface

✫ Track the latest international software development, provide updated versions in real time, and realize the latest functional requirements for customers

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