2520 Automatic Glass Cutting Machine

Fully automatic glass cutting machine manufacturer
Basic performance: The machine can automatically load and cut pieces, and can freely walk in the workshop through a remote control, saving manpower, ensuring safety and risk-free operation. The advanced mechanical structure is matched with Zhongbao Lun or micro sensitive cutting and system optimization software, greatly improving the stability of the cutting machine and the cutting quality and optimization rate of glass. Realize fully automatic glass loading, automatic cutting, automatic positioning, automatic optimization, and sheet breaking operations.
Mechanical parameter:

Cutting parameters: ★Linear parallelism: 0.25mm/m

Linear parallelism: 0.25mm/m

Diagonal accuracy: 0.30mm / m (the above accuracy to break the piece before the cutting line accuracy shall prevail)   

Cutting bridge acceleration ≥ 3.0m / s²

Cutter headstock speed ≥ 150m/min

Cutter headstock acceleration ≥6.0m/s²

Cutting bridge speed: 0~160m/min (adjustable)

Product detail diagram

  • Fully automatic glass cutting machine manufacturer
  • Automatic Multifunctional GlassCutting Machine

Scope of application


This machine has a small footprint, simple and safe operation, fast speed and high accuracy. It can be commanded to walk freely in the workshop using a remote control, with high cost-effectiveness, high safety, high cutting rate, good stability, full functionality, and more labor-saving.

Scope of application

Various glass cutting operations include architectural glass, automotive glass, craft glass, round glass, decorative glass, cabinet glass coated glass, home appliance glass, solar glass, kitchen glass, bathroom glass, lenses, handicraft glass, and splicing glass.

Technical index

Equipment composition:

★ Using industrial industrial computer for control, with Microsoft Windows interface

★ Voltage: 380V/50HZ. Equipment with voltage stabilizing device

★ Motor: Yaskawa servo motor (both irregular and linear cutting effects are very good)

★ Guide rail: Taiwan Shangyin

★ Rack: KHK

★ Proximity switch: Panasonic

★ Control card: GALIL, USA

★ Main electrical components: Chint

★ Pneumatic proportional valve: Japanese SMC


Main technical parameters:

1. Mechanical parameters:

★ Upper limit of glass size that can be cut: 2500 * 2000mm

★ Workbench height: 900 ± 50mm

★ Equipment weight: 2.8T

★ Cutting thickness: 2-19mm

2. Cutting parameters:

★ Parallelism of straight lines: 0.20mm/m

★ Diagonal accuracy: 0.20mm/m (the above accuracy is based on the cutting line accuracy before breaking the sheet)

★ Cutting bridge speed: 0-160m/min (adjustable)

★ Cutting bridge acceleration ≥ 3.0m/s ²

★ Blade holder speed ≥ 150m/min

★ Blade holder acceleration ≥ 6.0m/s ²

★ Air flotation transmission

★ Cutting head positioning accuracy error ≤ 0.15mm

3. Power supply/power:

★ Installation power requirements: 380V/50HZ

★ Actual power of equipment: 14.6KW

★ Compressed air: 0.6PA

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