1200 type glass washing machine

1200 type glass cleaning machine manufacturer
National standard square steel frame, cover shell for 1.2mm iron plate plastic spraying, cleaning and drying part of the stainless steel shell, conveying/cleaning water-absorbing sponge rollers are made of high-temperature resistant and acid and alkali resistant materials, service life factory. The transmission part is controlled by speed-regulating motor, and the cleaning speed can be adjusted arbitrarily. Temperature controller can adjust the blowing temperature.
Mechanical parameter:

External dimensions (mm):1900*850*1000

Upper limit of glass washing size (mm):1200*1800

Lower limit of cleaning size (mm):200*200

Overall weight:600kg

Product detail diagram

  • 1200 type glass cleaning machine manufacturer

Scope of application

Large glass cleaning machines are mainly supplied to glass manufacturers for use, capable of batch cleaning large glass, equipped with glass cutting machines, glass loading platforms, glass storage, etc.

Applicable industries: glass production industries such as architectural glass, safety glass, process glass, photovoltaic glass, etc.

Technical index

Basic parameters:

1. The thickness of washable glass is 1-8mm

2. Fan 1.5kw. 380v (oven)

3. Electric heating power ≤ 9 kW

4. Continuously variable transmission 0.55kw.380V (with stepless speed regulation)

5. Water pump 150w 380V

6. Weight 1075kg-3824kg (varies depending on specifications and models)

model Dimensions(Mm) Glass washingUpper limit of sizeMm) Under cleaning size (Mm) Total Weight Fan power Total power
RF-500 1850*750*1000 500*900 30*30 500kgs 800w 7.5kw
RF-600 1900*850*1000 600*900 60*60 600kg 1.2kw 8kw
RF-800 2750*950*1000 800*1600 80*80 1000kgs 1.5kw 8.5kw
RF-1200 3350*1350*1000 1200*1800 200*200 1500kgs 1.5kw 9kw

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