CNC 자동 유리 절단 라인으로 유리를 절단하는 방법은 무엇입니까?



n modern industrial production, CNC 자동 유리 절단 라인, as an efficient glass cutting equipment, has been widely used. This article will discuss the working principle, operating steps and advantages of CNC automatic glass cutting line in production.

8133형 복회전 4스테이션 유리절단라인 제작
  1. Working principle of automatic glass cutting line

Laser measurement: CNC 자동 유리 절단 라인 uses laser to measure the size and shape of glass to ensure cutting accuracy.
Cutting path planning: According to the design pattern, the automatic glass cutting line plans the optimal cutting path to improve cutting efficiency.
Automatic cutting: The automatic glass cutting line can automatically perform cutting tasks and achieve efficient production.

  1. Operation steps of CNC automatic glass cutting line

Data input: Design the cutting pattern through CAD software and input the data into the CNC automatic glass cutting line.
Cutting parameter settings: Set parameters such as cutting speed, pressure and tool selection to meet different cutting needs.
Safe operation: Operators must follow safe operating procedures to ensure a safe and reliable cutting process.

  1. Advantages of CNC automatic glass cutting line

Accuracy: CNC 자동 유리 절단 라인 can achieve high-precision cutting, avoid human errors and improve product quality.
Automation: Automatic glass cutting lines improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs, and shorten production cycles.
Diversity: The CNC automatic glass cutting line can customize cutting patterns according to different needs and is suitable for diversified production needs.

  1. The best CNC automatic glass cutting line

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As an important equipment in modern manufacturing industry, CNC automatic glass cutting line brings efficient and precise cutting solutions to the glass industry. As technology continues to develop, it will continue to play an important role and promote the progress and development of manufacturing.