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What are the best tools for cutting glass? This is a critical issue because the quality and efficiency of glass cutting directly affects the quality of the final product and the cost of production. This article will introduce different types of glass cutting tools from both traditional and modern perspectives, and how to choose the most suitable tool.

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I. Introduction
Glass cutting is the basic step of glass processing, and its quality and efficiency directly affect subsequent glass processing and use. When it comes to the choice of glass cutting tools, traditional glass cutting knives and modern glass cutting machines each have their own advantages, and in different application scenarios, there will be different best choices.

II. Traditional glass cutting tools
A. Glass cutting knife

Structure and principle: Glass cutting knives usually consist of a blade head, a handle and a tip. The tip is a key part of cutting glass, and its hardness and sharpness determine the cutting effect.

Usage methods and techniques: When using a glass cutting knife, you need to apply a layer of cutting oil on the glass surface first, and then use the cutting knife to gently scratch the glass surface along the predetermined cutting line to form a cutting line.

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Equipment features and functions: The glass cutting machine is an automated glass cutting equipment that realizes automated control and precise operation of the glass cutting process through preset programs and instructions.

Scope and limitations of application: Glass cutting machines are suitable for various types and thicknesses of glass and can achieve complex cutting patterns and shapes, but they are more expensive and require professional operation and maintenance.

III. Modern glass cutting tools
A. Laser glass cutting machine

Technical principles and advantages: Laser glass cutting machine uses laser beam to cut glass, which has the advantages of fast cutting speed, high precision and good cutting quality.

Application fields and efficiency comparison: Laser glass cutting machines are suitable for various types and thicknesses of glass, especially when cutting glass with complex patterns and shapes, its advantages are more obvious.

B. Ultrasonic glass cutting machine
Principle and working method: The ultrasonic glass cutting machine uses ultrasonic vibrating cutter heads to transmit the vibration to the glass surface through the cutting fluid to achieve cutting of the glass.

Cutting effect and applicable scenarios: Ultrasonic glass cutting machine is suitable for various types and thicknesses of glass, especially when cutting thin glass and brittle glass, its advantages are more obvious.

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IV. How to choose the most suitable glass cutting tool
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